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Work committee.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021


  1. machinery for settlement and adjudication of disputes under I.D act 1947

  2. Increases wages

  3. Resistance to decrease in wages

  4. Grant of allowance and benefits etc

Authorities For Settlement And Adjudication Of Industrial Dispute ACT

  1. By direct negation through works commits (at shop level)

  2. Mediation conciliation (at the government level )by appointing court of inquiry conciliation officer and board ofconciliation

  3. By arbitration (voluntary adjudication through labour court industrial tribunal and national tribunal

  4. Workmen can directly approach the court under sec 33C(2)

  5. Process of resolving on industrial dispute further under sec 33,33A etc also the parties can approach the court

Workman committees (Sec 3 of the ID ACT 1947)

  1. Direct negotiation between the employer and workman .

  2. Industrial employment ,employee 100 or more work man (minimum of 100 workmen preceding 12 months

  3. Register trade union if any sec 3(1) sec 3(2) prevention is better then cure


The object of id ACT is not only to make provision for investigation and settlement of industrial disputes but also to secure industrial peace so that it may result in more production and improve notional economy a socialistic economic approach works committee fulfilsboth these object under ACT 43A of theconstitution of India .


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