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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The concept of misconduct the word misconduct is opposite of discipline misconduct literally means wrong conduct or improper conduct the synonyms of misconduct are misdemeanor ,misdeed ,misbehavior ,mis management and offences.

Type Of Misconduct

1) serious and criminal misconduct - assault ,theft ,fraud ,misappropriation,sexual harassment ,gambling on the premises ,willful distraction of property of the industry ,drunkenness on the premises ,unauthorized possession of lethal weapon ,disorderly or riotous behavior etc 2) participation in unfair labour practices to advise or actively support or instigateany illegal strike 3)misconduct acts relating to co –workers and management

Absence from duty Willful disobedience Sleeping on the while on duty Smoking on the premises Not wearing uniform Indecent behavior Disclosure of confidential unauthorized person Unpunctual attendance Disclosure of confidential information with authorization Engaging in own trade or business while in employment


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