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Role Of The Conciliation Officer In The Resolution Of Industrial Disputes.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Discuss the role of the conciliation officer in the resolution of Industrial Disputes. Conciliation proceeding

The word conciliation (to bring together) conciliation is a process in the industrial to bring employer and employees together by pacifying means sec 2(e) Section 4 government to appoint the conciliation officer Section 5 –constitute a board ofconciliation Conciliation officer section 2(d) the ID ACT say conciliation officer conciliation officer appointed under section 4(1) lays down appropriate government by notification in officer gazette Conciliation officer charged with the duty of meditation in and promoting the settlement of industrial disputesSec 4(2) a conciliation officer may be appointed fora specified area or for a specified industries in a specified area or for one or more specified industries and their permanently or for a limited period . 1) a conciliation officer is not labour court or tribunal his function are purely administrative But he has certain power of a civil court underthe code of civil procedure 1908 for the following purpose.

Section 11(6) Conciliation officer shall be demand to be public servant within the meaning of sec 21 of the IPC 1860 Section 12 lays down the duties function of a conciliation officer Two type of duty Discretionary and mandatory (section 22 strike orlock out notice ) Section 12(4) failure report to the appropriate government submission Section 12(6)report under this section shallbe submitted within 14 days of the commencement of conciliation proceeding shorter or fixed period


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