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What is Internet Security?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


Security issue security is very important for information system personals since 1983 computing facility and information system they support have become increasingly accessible because the intention facility since confidential information is transferred or increasing traversed to modern network security privacy and authentication of information is the commonly discussed issue in e-commerce. Protection against a typical hacking attack

ETHICS ISSUE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY the ethical issue for computer users are mainly and helpful to focus on the just to as the listed below software piracy or are unauthorized access SOFTWARE PIRACY users are operating over the software without a license unauthorized duplication copying of the software is called a pirated software the use of pirated software is the violation of the IT Act 2000 from many year software piracy has taken many different forms primarily started as a CO workers illegally copy software from floppy disc and past legal copies to the friend. UNAUTHORISED ACCESS the other issues related to the ethics is unauthorized access of information in case of the information literacy campaign everyone has a right to known as the information but it must be the access from the authentic source intellectual skill to deal with information these are skill such as a reading writing reasoning and calculating this may be a task for education.


security refers to the protection of the system resource against the intentionally or accidentally disclosure destruction is the modification source is to infrastructure hardware-software application file directory data store in database unauthorized users are unable to misuse and authorized users.


firewall most organization now depend on the Internet to undertake and enhance business transaction proper security measures need to be taken without which the internal network of the organization is too vulnerable to attacks this can lead to loss of confidential data of the critical service that would be very damaging for the organization. A firewall is a security mechanism to protect a Local Network from the threats that the network might face while interacting with other network a firewall can be hardware component of a software component or a combination of both it prevents the computers within one network domain from the come communicating directly with the computer in the other network domain.

The main purpose of the firewall is to protect the computer of an organization for the unauthorized access some of the basic function of Firewall are SECURITY, AUDITING, USER AUTHORIZATION, NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION NAT, IP MASQUERADING

· SECURITY- Firewall prevents unwanted data from getting into the Local Network from the internet or from any other external network

· AUDITING - firewall can be used to log the network traffic passing through it

· USER AUTHORIZATION- user authentication is another functionality provide by firewalls

· NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION NAT –A firewall can be used for hiding the structure and content of the local network from the external users

· IP MASQUERADING- IP masquerading is to the feature in which the client network use a single network interface to the interact with the server network client use IP address that are not attached to any computer

TYPES OF FIREWALL all the data packets that enter into network must come through the firewall in order to maintain the security of the network. The type of Firewall used to various form network to network. The following are the various types of Firewall generally used

PACKET FILTERING FIREWALL - packet filter Firewall are usually deployed on router. Primary Defence mechanism used in Firewall protection. Data pocket is checked based on a set of rules.

CIRCUIT-LEVEL FIREWALL - circuit-level Firewall provides more protection than packet filtering firewall it is also known as the state full inspection fireworks a circuit-level firewall ensure that the user behind the firewall has access to the internet

PROXY FIREWALL- a proxy Firewall protects all the client application running on a network from the internet by using the firework itself as a gateway.

NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION FIREWALL- the firewall that uses NAT completely conceal the true identity of the network behind the firewall so as to secure the network from the internet NEW IP addresses and port address translation (PAT) new port number


biometric is concerned with the identifying a person based on his or her psychological or behavior characteristic example for biometric system include fingerprint and face eyes Iris or retina and speech recognition.

Why are biometric secure

1. Unique unique character of individual the probability of two-person sharing the same biometric data is Virtually nil

2. Cannot be shared because a biometric property is true intrinsic property and individual

3. Cannot be copied biometric character are nearly impossible to Forge or spoof especially with the new technologies.

4. Cannot be lost a biometric property of individual.

5. Cannot be lost only in case of serious accident.

6. What is biometric system used for reliable user authentication is essential.

EXISTING USER AUTHENTICATION TECHNIQUE INCLUDE somethings you know example password of pin code the issue is that many password is easy to guess and can also be easily forgotten something you have example car or key can be a lost stolen or duplicated something you know and have card + pin something u r example fingerprint hand Iris retina voice cannot lose them are unique for each individual and are difficult to Forge.

INTERNET SECURITY PRODUCT SOFTWARE cybercrime is a profitable business to estimate very cybercrime is expected to extort as much as a trillion-dollar next year from the government business and the individual get more business government agency are entertainment company are making a left of online Access at a record pace.

CRITERIA FOR INTERNET SECURITY PRODUCT internet protection the Internet security software application should be consistent reliable and proactive internet security detecting suspicious behaving applications protection but also privacy protection social network protection filter spam filter website rating and more security feature security feature include Parental Control password manager wants laptop tools and safe browsing security software that not only provides a variety of protection option but also the ability of customize the settings help and support nearly instant protection protection through online documentation.

What is Internet Security? INTERNET SECURITY CONCEPT


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