INDIAN SUCCESSION ACT ( introduction )


The Indian Succession Act 1925 is a bogey attached to this paper. This deals with the testate and intestate succession. But in respect of its application there is a difference. This Act is a consolidating Act and has combined Indian Succession Act 1865, Parsees Intestate Succession Act, the Hindus Wills Act 1870 and Probate and Administration Act 1881. Containing a formidable 391 sections, the students may feel this subject to be 'too heavy' to be digested, . Hence, attempt is made to select the most relevant and important topics and to explain each topic with illustrations and case law. In conclusion, Succession Act is here, made easy; Hence your way is made easier than ever before! Go ahead.

Textual and Reference Books

1. PARUK : The Indian Succession Act

2. MITRA B.B. : Indian Succession. Act -

3. SANJEEVARAO : The Indian Succession Act

4. SEN : Succession Certificate

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