The process for enrollment in the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa (Bar Council)

The process for enrollment in the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa (Bar Council) is as follows:

Buy the application form: It is green in color and costs INR 500. It is available on Court. You may request your court clerk to get it for you.

Essential tips for filling up the form: The admin clerk will not accept your application if the address (Permanent and Native both) is that of outside Maharashtra. They do not accept nameabbreviations, all initials must be backed by full names. (When you receive your ID, the first thingyou notice is how your father’s name is printed before yours, apparently it’s the general local practice in the State). Fill up the form in block letters.

Documents to be submitted while submitting the filled form: (a) Age proof, (b) Maharashtra address proof, (c) copies of marks cards of all 6 / 10 / 15 semesters of law school, (d) copies of your provisional / actual law degree, (e) affidavit stating particulars, and (f) your filled form(you need to get 2 photocopies of all documents mentioned above and they have to be self attested).

Drafting the affidavit: The affidavit must state particulars, mainly your name, residence, graduating college, that you have no criminal record against you and that if it happens, you’ll

resign from the bar council, and other particulars. The application form will guide you. Payment structure: INR 15000 (14500 for SC/ST) and INR 150 (25 for SC/ST). (Note: the Bar Council is going to increase the fees to INR 15000 effective January 2020).

Submit the application form with the documents: Ask the person by when the next meeting is scheduled to be held. The Bar Council approves the forms in bulk on a given day (usually the end of the month).

What you receive through courier: It might take anywhere between 7 to 30 days for you to receive a package which includes your Bar Council certificate, and your Bar Council ID.

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