1. Short title, extent and commencement.

2. Definitions.


(a) Regions.

3. Establishment of Region and alteration of its limits.

(b) Constitution of Regional Planning Boards.

4. Constitution of Regional Planning Boards.

5. Terms of office and conditions of service of members.

6. Resignation of members.

7. Vacancies.

8. Powers and duties of Board.

9. Meetings of Regional Board, etc.

10. Consultation or association with experts; Regional Planning Committee.

11. Power of Regional Board to appoint staff.

12. Expenses of Regional Board.

(c) Regional Plans.

13. Survey of Region and preparation of Regional plan.

14. Contents of Regional plan.

15. Submission of Regional plan to State Government for approval.

16. Procedure to be followed in preparing and approving Regional plans.

17. Publication of Regional plan and date of its operation.

18. Restriction on change of user of land or development thereof.

19. Exclusion of claims for compensation for injurious affection.

20. Revision or modification of Regional plan.


(a) Declaration of intention, preparation, submission and sanction to Development plan.

21. Development plan.

22. Contents of Development plan.

22A. Modification of a substantial nature.

(b) Procedure to be followed in preparing and sanctioning Development plans.

23. Declaration of intention to prepare Development plan.

24. Town Planning Officer.

25. Provision for survey and preparation of existing-land- use map.

26. Preparation and publication of notice of draft Develop-mentplan.

27. Provision of Regional plan to be considered.

28. Objections to draft Development plan.

29. [Deleted].

30. Submission of draft Development plan.

31. Sanction to draft Development plan.

(c) Provisions for preparation of interim Development plans, plans for

areas of Comprehensive development, etc.

32. Interim Development plan.

33. Plans for areas of Comprehensive development.

34. Preparation of Development plan for additional area.

35. Development plans sanctioned by State Government before commencement of this Act.

36. Development plan prepared prior to this Act.

37. Minor modification of final Development plan.

37A. Power of State Government or Planning Authority to permit temporary change of user.

38. Revision of Development plan.

39. Variation of town planning scheme by the Development plan.

40. Special Planning Authority for developing certain notified areas.

41. Expenses of Special Planning Authority to be met by contribution by local authorities.

42. Implementation of plans.


42A. Declaration of development area.

42B. Exclusion of whole or part of development area from operation of Act.

42C. Constitution of Area Development Authority.

42D. Appointment of Government Company, etc., as Area Development Authority.

42E. Control by Metropolitan Planning Committee and District Planning Committee.

42F. Powers and functions of Area Development Authority.

42G. Expenses of Area Development Authority.


43. Restrictions on development of land.

44. Application for permission for development.

45. Grant or refusal of permission.

46. Provisions of Development plan to be considered before granting permission.

47. Appeal.

48. Lapse of permission.

49. Obligation to acquire land on refusal of permission or on grant of permission in certain cases.

50. Deletion of reservation of designated land for interim draft of final Development plan.

51. Power of revocation and modification of permission to development.


52. Penalty for unauthoriseddevelopment or for use otherwise than in conformity with Development plan.

53. Power to require removal of unauthoriseddevelopment.

54. Power to stop unauthoriseddevelopment.

55. Removal or discontinuance of unauthorisedtemporary development summarily.

56. Power to require removal of unauthoriseddevelopment or use.

56A. Punishment for failure to take action against unauthorized construction.

57. Recovery of expenses incurred.

58. Development undertaken on behalf of Government.


(a) Making of town planning schemes.

59. Preparation and contents of town planning scheme.

60. Power of Planning Authority to resolve on declaration of intention to make scheme.

61. Making and publication of draft scheme by means of notice.

62. Inclusion of additional area in draft scheme.

63. Power of State Government to require Planning Authority to makescheme.

64. Contents of draft scheme.

65. Reconstituted plot.

66. Compensation for discontinuance of use.

67. Objections to draft scheme to be considered.

68. Power of State Government to sanction draft scheme.

68A. Effect of sanction of draft scheme.

69. Restrictions on use and development of land after declaration for town planning scheme.

70. Power of State Government to suspend rule, bye-law, etc.

71. Disputed ownership.

(b) The Arbitrator and the Tribunal of Appeal.

72. Arbitrator; his powers and duties.

73. Certain decisions of Arbitrator to be final.

74. Appeal.

75. Constitution of Tribunal of Appeal. 

76. Arbitrator to assist Tribunal in advisory capacity and his remuneration.

77. Place where Tribunal may sit.

78. Desicionof questions of law and other questions.

79. Powers of Tribunal to decide matter finally.

80. Tribunal not to be Court.

81. Remuneration of Arbitrator and Assesorsand payment of incidental expenses of Tribunal.

82. Dicisionsof Arbitrator to be final in certain matters.

83. Possession of land in advance of town planning scheme.

84. Commissioner of Police or Magistrate to enforce delivery of possession of land.

85. Owner of land of which possession is taken entitled to interest.

86. Sanction by State Government to preliminary or final scheme.

87. Withdrawal for scheme.

88. Effect of preliminary scheme.

(c) Enforcement of Schemes.

89. Power of Planning Authority to evict summarily.

90. Power to enforce scheme.

(d) Variation of Schemes.

91. Power to vary scheme on ground of error, irregularity or informality.

92. Power to vary town planning scheme.

93. Apportionment of cost of scheme withdrawn or not sanctioned.

(e) Proceedings before Arbitrator and Tribunal.

94. Right to appear by recognisedagent.

95. Power to compel attendance of witnesses.

(f) Joint development plans and joint town planning schemes.

96. Joint development plans and joint town planning schemes.

(g) Finance of Schemes.

97. Cost of scheme.

98. Calculation of increment.

99. Contribution towards cost of scheme.

100. Certain amount to be added to or deducted from contribution leviablefrom persons.

101. Transfer of right from original to reconstituted plot or extinction of such right.

(h) Compensation.

102. Compensation in respect of property or right injuriously affected by scheme.

103. Exclusion or limitation of compensation in certain cases.

104. Provision for cases in which amount payable to owner exceeds amount due from him.

105. Provision for case in which value of developed plot is less than amount payable by owner.

106. Payment by adjustment of account.

107. Payment of net amount due to Planning Authority.

(i) Miscellaneous.

108. Power of Planning Authority to make agreement.

109. Recovery of arrears.

110. Disposal of surplus amount.

111. Execution of works in final scheme by Planning Authority.

112. Penalty for removal of boundary stones.


113. Designation of site for new town.

113A. Power of State Government to acquire land for Corpora-tion or Company declared to be New Town Develop-ment Authority.

114. Objects of Development Authority.

115. Planning and control of development in new towns.

116. Acquisition of land by Development Authority constituted under section 113(2).

117. Obligation to purchase designated land.

118. Disposal of land by Development Authority.

119. Directions by State Government for disposal of land.

120. Power to make agreement for provision of services.

121. Contributions by Development Authority towards expenditure of local authorities and statutory authority.

122. Advances and payments by State Government to Development Authorities.

122A. Power of Development Authority to borrow and to accept deposits.

123. Transfer of undertaking of Development Authority.

124. Combination and transfer of Development Authorities.


124A. Levy of development charge.

124B. Classification of use of lands and buildings, rates of development charge and procedure for levy thereof.

124C. Development charge to be brought into force as specified by Government.

124D. Local publication of notification relating to development charge with notice.

124E. Assessment and recovery of development charge.

124F. Exemptions.

124G. Appeal.

124H. Procedure for filing appeal.

124I. Interest on amount of enhanced assessment or of refund.

124J. Development Fund.

124K. Stoppage of work of development and penalty.

124K-1. Provisions of sections 124A to 124K also to apply in certain cases.

124L. Chapter to have overriding effect, but shall be in addition to existing local authority laws.


125. Compulsory acquisition of land needed for purposes of Regional plan, Development plan or Town planning schemes, etc.

126. Acquisition of land required for public purposes specified in plans.

127. Lapsing of reservations.

128. Power of State Government to acquire lands for purpose other than the one for which it is designated in plan or scheme.

129. Possession of land in case of urgency.


130. Funds.

131. Budget.

132. Accounts and Audit of Regional Board.

132A. Accounts and Audit of Special Planning Authority and Development Authority.

133. Submission of report.

134. Pension and provident funds.


135. Power of entry.

136. Service of notice, etc.

137. Public notice how to be made known.

138. Notices, etc., to fix reasonable time.

139. Authentication of orders and documents.

140. Offences by companies.

141. Penalty for obstructing contractor or removing mark.

142. Sanction of prosecution.

143. Compounding of offences.

144. Jurisdiction of courts.

145. Magistrate’s power to impose enhanced penalties.

146. Members and officers to be public servants.

147. Protection of action taken in good faith.

148. Registration of documents, plan or map in connection with final plan or scheme not required.

148A. Exclusion of time in certain cases.

149. Finality of orders.

150. Validation of acts and proceedings.

151. Power to delegate.

152. Powers of Planning Authority or Development Authority to be

exercised by certain officers.

153. Power of Planning Authority to borrow money for Development Plan

or for making or executing town planning scheme.

154. Control by State Government.

155. Returns and information.

156. Effect of laws.

157. Power to make agreements.

157A. Authentication of plans and scheme and custody thereof.

158. Power to make rules.

159. Power to make regulations.

159A. Special provisions relating to New Town Development Authority and Special Planning Authority.

160. Dissolution of Regional Planning Board, Special Planning Authority and New Town Development Authority.

161. Vesting of property and rights of local authority ceasing to exist or ceasing to have jurisdiction.

162. State Government or persons appointed by it may exercise power or perform duty conferred or imposed on Planning Authority and disbursement of expenses.

163. Special provision in case of dissolution , etc . , of Corporation or Zilla

Parishad, etc.

164. (Provisions of Bom. LXVII of 1948, Hyd. Act XXI of 1951 and Bom. XCIX of 1958 not to apply to town planning schemes.) Deleted.

165. Repeal and saving.

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