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Updated: Mar 3, 2022


International Law' is one of the finest subjects for studying, ‘as it opens up new horizons to navigate beyond the egg-shell enclosure of ones mental faculties. It is our duty to know the law of our Country {Ignoranlia juris non. excusat!) but it is a privilege to know the Law of Nations. States are legal persons and are subjects of International Law. It is impossible to imagine theStates today, carrying on their multifarious activities across the borders, on an unprecedented scale, in a legal vacuum! That ipso facto must justify the existence of a large number of principles and rules governing the conduct of the States.

In recent years the proliferation of International Institutions, hasgiven a new dimension to the Law of Nations. Moreover, there is so much ofInternational activity that hundreds of conferences and meeting are held roundthe year, speaking volumes to the fact, that International Law is in operation.

In recent years a countless number of Conventions and treaties have been concluded so much so the corpus of the Law of Nations has grown in itsmagnitude Much credit goes to the "International Law Commission" which has toiled in chiseling & trimming to draft form the norms of International Law scattered in various forms often obscure and indefinite.

The basic principles of the subject should be carefully studied with a broadoutlook,to understand the significance; Cases and Materials should be adroitly selected. Specialization should be attempted later.

World Peace is the cherished objective of all Nations. International Law is a means to reach that. The sounding prophetic words' of Isaiah “States shall beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore,' became the roots of pacifism and has grown over the centuries into the concept of World Peace. State is a composite body consisting of men. Let us then learn specialise and endeavour to bring about World Peace and Security, Opportunity may open up to enable you to serve in a bigger capacity but until then there is no reason to get disappointed! They also serve who only stand and wait!


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