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MUSLIM LAW SHORT NOTES: important Questions & Answers

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Q.1. Write a detailed note on "Advent of Islam” and development of Islamic Law

Q.2. Explain briefly the various sources of Mohammedan Law

Q.3. Who is a Muslim? - Who is Muslim by birth ? What are the effects of conversion to Islam on his martial and inheritance rights ?


Q.4,Discuss in brief the various schools of Muslim Law.

Q.5.State the provisions of Shariat Act 1937 pointingout the main changes broughtabout by the Act in the application of Muslim Law.

Q.6. What are the essential of a valid Marriage accordingto Mohammaden Law ? A marriage under Muslim law isa civil contract, not a sacrament”. Discuss.

Q.7.Explain the nature& object of Muslim Marriage.

Q.8. Explain the meaning of Sahih, Batil and Fasid Marriage

Q.9 . State the legal effects of valid,void and irregular marriage.

Q .10. write a short note on iddat


Q.11. What is meant by the repudiation of marriage? OR Write a note on "option of puberty" or Khyar- ul-Bulugh.

Q.12. What is the Presumption of marriage ?

Q.13.What is Muta Marriage ? What are its legal incidents ?

Q.14. Write a short note on Kazi.

Q.15. What is dower (Mehr) ? What are specialfeatures of a dower debt ?

Q.16. What are different formsof divorce recognised by the Mohd.Law ? In what way or manner marriage under Mohd. Law can be dissolved ?

Q.17. What are different modes of‘Talaq’ and when does each of them become irrevocable


Q.18. Write short note on :- Khula ,Mubrat ,lla,Zihar ,Lian

Q.19. Write a short note on Muslim Women’s right to seek Divorce.What are the statutory groundsavailable to a muslim woman to seek divorce from her husband ?

Q.20. What are legal effects of divorce? State rights and obligations of parties on divorce.

Q.21. What is acknowledgement of paternity ? Acknowledgement of legitimacy ?

Q.22. Define Guardian & State various kinds of Guardianship.


Q.23. Write a note on Maintenance of relatives and maintenance of wife/ by the husband.

Q.24. Whatis a Gift ? Who is competent to give ? What are essential ingredients of complete gift ?

Q.25. What is Marz-ul-Maut ?

Q.26. What is meant by the right of preemption. Who are entitledto demand pre-emption and what conditions need to be fulfilled for exercising the right ?

Q.27. What is a Wakf ? What are the essentials of a validWakf ? How Wakfsare created ?



Q.28. Explain the different kinds of Wakfs.

Q29. Waqf-ul-aulador Family Settlement OR “Wakf-alal-awlad”? How it is affected by Mussalman Wakf Vali­

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