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Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Short Question

  1. Contributory negligence

  2. Innuen do

  3. Negligence

  4. Fault and No fault liability.

  5. Absolute Liability

  6. Assault)

  7. Damnum sin injuria

  8. Differentiate between Libel and Slander.

  9. Private Nuisance

  10. Unfair Trade Practice.

  11. Consumer movement in India

  12. Define Consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

  13. Restrictive trade practice

  14. What are Hazardous Goods ?

  15. Complaint

  16. Defects in good.

  17. Deficiency in Courier Services. Kinds of damages.

  18. What is the limitation period under CPA ?

  19. Consumer under Consumer Protection Act

  20. Defamation

  21. Defective Goods


  1. Discuss the capacity of the following to sue and be sued :

  2. Discuss the composition and power of National Commission.

  3. Discuss the composition, jurisdiction and powers of State Commission

  4. Discuss the concept of “contributory negligence” in the light of two English cases - Butterfield vs. Forrester and Davies vs. Mann.

  5. Explain ‘unfair trade practice’ as defined in Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Cite relevant cases.

  6. Explain concept of damage and damages. Write different kinds of damages with illustrations.

  7. Explain deficiency in telecommunication and postal services with the help of case laws.

  8. Explain in detail the principle of vicarious liability with reference to the master and servant relationship.

  9. Explain the rights of the consumer in detail.

  10. Explain the various Consumer Dispute Redressal Agencies established under the Consumer Protection Act.

  11. How can the tortious liability be extinguished ?

  12. In the light of the verdict of the Apex court in Indian Medical Association vs. V.P. Shantha, discuss the concept of “deficiency in medical services”.

  13. State the procedure followed by the consumer forum after the receipt of complaint.

  14. What are the different rights available to a consumer under the CPA ?

  15. What are the extra judicial remedies available in Law of Tort ?

  16. What is meant by the term ‘tortum’ ? How does a tort differ from a contract and a crime ?

  17. What is nuisance ? Who can sue for nuisance ? State who is liable for nuisance.

  18. Whether deficiency in Lawyering services falls under the category of deficiency in services under CPA ? Disucss with the help of relevant case laws.

  19. Whether doctrine of sovereign immunity is relevant today ? Explain with the help of case laws.

  20. Write a detail note on consumer movement.

  21. Write detailed note on ‘Evolution of Law of Torts’.

  22. Write down the differences between ‘Strict Liability,’ and Absolute Liability’.

  23. Write the essentials of defamation in detail. State any two defences available in an action for defamation


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