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Multiple Choice Questions

(1) Income Tax Act was passed in --------

(a) 1961

(b) 1971

(c) 1981

(d) 1951.

(2) Income Tax is a ----------- tax.

(a) Indirect

(b) Direct

(c) Property

(d) Wealth

(3) The period of Assessment year is ----------

(a) 1st Jan to 31st Dec.

(b) 1st April to 31st of March.

(c) 1st April to 31st Dec.

(d) 1st July to 30th June.

(4) Exemption limit for A. Y. 2015–16.

(a) 1,50,000/-

(b) 1,60,000/-

(c) 2,50,000/-

(d) 2,00,000/-

(5) Previous year always end on ––––––.

(a) 31st March

(b) 30th April

(c) 30th June

(d) 31st Dec.

(6) –––––––– deals with exempted Income.

(a) Section 10

(b) Sec. 80(C)

(c) Section 13

(d) Section 2

(7) Which of the following is Agriculture Income –

(a) Rent received from agricultural land.

(b) Income from Dairy farm.

(c) Income from Poultry framing.

(d) All the above.

(8) Citizen of India, who goes abroad for the purpose of employment must stay in India to become resident for at least _______

(a) 182 days

(b) 90 days

(c) 60 days

(d) 80 days.

(9) Salary includes ______

(a) Cash receipt

(b) Perquisites

(c) Profit in lieu of salary

(d) All the above.

(10) For Income tax purpose 'house' means _____

(a) Dwelling

(b) Building for office use

(c) Godown

(d) All the above.

(11) Under the head of ______ the work of a Doctor is covered.

(a) Trade

(b) Business

(c) Profession

(d) Name of the above.

(12) Capital gain is classified into______

(a) two

(b) three

(c) four

(d) five.

(13) Assets includes_______

(a) Guest house

(b) Residential house

(c) Motor cars

(d) All the above.

(14) Assessee is a person_______

(a) Who pay tax

(b) Who collect tax

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of above.

(15) C. B. D. T means______

(a) Constitutional Board of Direct Taxes.

(b) Control Board of Direct Taxes.

(c) Central Board of Direct Taxes.

(d) Contractual Board of Direct Taxes.


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