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Graphical indication of Good Act 1999

Graphical indication of Good Act 1999

Discuss the salient features of Geographical Indication Act, 1999. **

Geographical indication –in relation to good it means indication which identify such good as agricultural goods, natural goods ,or manufacturing goods as originated or manufactured in the territory of country or region or locality in that territory

E.g. given quality, reputation or other characteristic of such good is essentially


1.particular good- originated from that country ,region or locality

2.Indication –any name geographical or figurative representation any combination

3.Good –any agricultural ,manufacture or natural good or handicraft

4.Producer – relation to good any person who if such good

·Agricultural goods

·Natural goods

·Handicraft or industrial goods

1.Registered proprietor –any associated of person or of producer or any organization for the time being entered in the register as

2.Deceptively similar –likely to deceive or cause of confusion

Difference between geographical indication and trademark

·Trade mark :- trade mark is a singed used by a person to distinguished its good and services from those of other persons E.g. fancy name or device

·Geographical indication a geographical indication tells consumer that a product is produced in a certain characteristics that are connected to that place of production

E.g.:- Agricultural goods, Natural goods, Handicraft or industrial goods

Graphical indication of Good Act 1999


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