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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Short Answer Questions

1. Easement 2. Transfer of property 3. What is a Notice ? 4. What may be transfered ? 5. Essentials of valid gift 6. Execution of will 7. Explain the concept of Lis Pendens. 8. Mortgage 9. Operation of transfer. 10. Charge 11. Conditional Transfer 12. Registration of Gift 13. Sale 14. What is Fraudulent transfer ? 15. Actionable claim 16. Doctrine of Election.** 17. Rule against perpetuity. 18. Vested interest and Contingent interest. 19. What is Conditional transfer ? 20. Explain the concept of ‘Exchange’. 21. What are ‘Fraudulent Transfers’ ? 22. Subrogation 23. Part performance 24. Redemption 25. Spes succession.

Long Answer Questions

1. Explain in detail the Doctrine of part performance. 2. What do you mean by conditional transfer ? How is it different from Regular transfer ? 3. State the different modes of acquiring easement. 4. Define mortgage. Discuss various kinds of Mortgage. 5. Define Property. State its kinds and explain them. 6. Define lease. Explain various modes of determination of lease. 7. Define the term ‘exchange’ in detail. 8. Define ‘Licence’. State the difference between Lease and Licence. 9. Define sale. State difference between sale and exchange. 10. Who is capable of transferring property ? What can be transferred ? 11. Discuss various modes of acquisition of easementary rights. 12. Explain meaning of ‘Ostensible owner’. Whether transfer by him is valid under TP Act ? 13. What is a gift ? How is gift of immovable property effected ? When does a gift become. 14. Discuss in detail the rights and liabilities of seller and buyer. 15. What is testamentary succession and intestate succession ? revocable ? 16. Define transfer of property. Describe those properties which can not be transferred. 17. Define easement. What are types of easement ? 18. What do you mean by Licence ? State the essential features of Licence. 19. Explain the provisions relating to transfer for the benefit of unborn person. 20. Explain the rights and the liabilities of lessor and lessee. 21. Explain the meaning of Actionable Claim. Write about transfer of Actionable Claim. 22. What is meant by Mortgage ? State its kinds. Elaborate any two.


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