Q9 Amalgamation of trade union,Lock-Out, Lay-Off , Retrenchment

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Q1 Amalgamation of trade union

IntroductionSection24 : any two or more registered trade union may be amalgamation on together as one trade union. whitout dissolution and division of funds.

• Lay off employment relation ship of employer and employee terminated

• Lay off all employees are refused to employment

• The lay off employees are paid off compensation the payment of gratuity does not arise in lay off


1) 60% of votes

2) Favor of the proposal amalgamation.


  • · In Writing

  • · Signed By Sectary

  • · By 7member Of Each

  • · Notice Shall be sent To Registrar

Dissolution of trade union sec 27

  1. Notice In Writing

  2. Signed By Sectary

  3. Signed By 7member Of Each

  4. With in 14 days

  5. Notice Shall be sent To Registrar

  6. Effect from the date of dissolution shall haveregistration by the registrar

  7. Registrar authorized by the Act to divide the fund amongst the member

Q2 Lay-Off

The Lay Off Define Under Section 2kkk

Layoff is intention of the owner or employer close down the place of work /employment Lay off the closing down of the place of employment is force temporary period on account of reasons contained in section.

2kkk of the ACT

  1. LayOff Is Not An Instrument In Hand Of The Employer

  2. In Case Of Lay Of The Entire Industry Or All Department Of It Will Be Temporary Closed

  3. Layoff Is Purely Temporary

  4. Condition precedent are not necessary in case of lay off

  5. In lay off the labor force is note surplus

Q3 Lock-Out

lock out is a weaponavailable on the employer -section 2(i)lock out means the closing of a place of employement or the suspension of work .

  1. · Lock out is Temporary closing of the a place of employment by the employer

  2. · Suspension of worker by the employer

  3. · Weapon of coercion in the hand of the employer

  4. · Lock out is tactic in bargaining

  5. · Lockout the employer is always having theintention to continue the business if his demands are accepted by the workmen.

Q4 Retrenchment

retrenchment means the termination by the employer of the service of a workmen for any reason whatsoever otherwise than as a punishment inflicted

  1. Voluntary retrenchment of the workman (voluntary move on the part employee )

  2. Workman on reaching superannuation the age (retirement )

  3. Non –renewal of the contract(expiry of fixed term contract )

  4. Continued ill health

  5. A punishment inflected by way of disciplinary action (sec-2(00)

  6. The term retracement is define under section 2(oo) of industrial dispute ACT 1947

  7. Retrenchment is permanent

  8. Condition president are to be followed in case of retrenchment

  9. Retrenchment for is surplus which is to be retrenched

  10. Retrenchment relationship is terminated

  11. Retrenchment the last come first go

  12. principal is followed

  13. Retrenchment employees are paid compensation and also gratuity

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