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Updated: Nov 23, 2021


The cases of rape, sexual harassment are increasing rapidly in India, in view of which the Government of India has made strict laws and also made changes in some laws. Though after a few amendments, the law has certainly changed for the better, tough decisions have been taken in rape cases. However, different countries around the world have different laws against sexual harassment, as is evident from the list below.

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​1. India: Life imprisonment to death sentence After the Anti-Rape Bill of April 2013, culprits are liable to life imprisonment (which is actually 14 years), imprisonment for entire life, and even the death sentence in the rarest of rare cases. The amendment also expanded to include a lot of other kinds of sexual assault that amount to rape.

​​2. France: 15 years to life

The French are pretty hardcore about their rape laws. They hand out 15 year sentences for rape, which can be extended to 30 or life depending on the extent of damage and brutality.

​​3. China: Death sentence or castration

The sentence for rape in China is death, which some might laud for their swiftness. However, execution without a proper trial is just as savage. Proof of their autocratic leadership shows in the fact that some convicted rapists who were executed were later found innocent. Castration is also used in some cases.

​​4. Saudi Arabia: Beheading within days

The punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia is a public beheading after administering the rapist with a sedative. The fact that they hand down the same punishment for drug trafficking as well proves that something very wrong is ingrained in their system.

​5. North Korea: Death by firing squad

This dictatorship sentences rapists to death by firing squad. Their lines of justice are so blurred that for all we know, they just use this as a cover up to execute dissidents.

​6. Afghanistan: Shot in the head or hanged to death

Convicted rapists here are shot in the head within 4 days or hanged to death depending on the judgement handed out by the court

​​7. Egypt: Death by hanging

Egypt is also one of the places that still follows the slightly outdated mode of death by hanging. In the case of rapists though, I think that's pretty ok.

​​8. Iran: Hanged to death

Rapists in Iran are sentenced to death, sometimes by hanging but sometimes allegedly also by stoning, which is a gruesome method to go. Sadly enough, however, the culture here also ends up victimizing the person who was raped, however.

​9. Israel: 16 years to life

If someone is convicted of raping a women, he is liable to be sentenced to 16 years in prison. Their definition of rape is quite inclusive and takes into account other forms of sexual assault.

​​10. USA: Imprisonment for life

The usual sentence for a convicted rapist here depends on whether the trial falls under state or federal law. In cases under federal law, the punishments can range from a few years to imprisonment for the entirety of the rapist's life span.

​11. Russia: 3 to 20 years

Rapists in Russia are usually sentenced to 3-6 years in prison. The jail term can go up to more than 10 years depending on the situation, such as if the person causes grievous harm and can be even higher (20 years) if it's a rare case.

​12. Norway: 4 to 15 years

They are one of the most stringent places with regard to rape. Any kind of sexual behavior without consent falls under the category of rape here, and the perpetrator can be thrown in jail for a period of 4-15 years depending on how heinous the crime was. They have such nice prisons though!

13. Pakistani: death penalty or imprisonment of between ten and twenty-five years Punishment for rape in Pakistan under the Pakistani laws is either death penalty or imprisonment of between ten and twenty-five years. For cases related to gang rape, the punishment is either death penalty or life imprisonment. DNA test and other scientific evidence are used in prosecuting rape cases in Pakistan.


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