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Jeremy Bent ham, the celebrated architect of the concept of utilitarianism, in his works 'The Theory of Legislation', and 'Introduction to the Principles of Morals & Legislation' not only enunciated his moral and legal philosophy but also provided a manual of instructions to the conscientious legislator, who in this philosophy, finds gleanings into the Sociology of law.

The subject is full of theories and expositions of the fundamentals, touching the concept of pleasure and pain. But there is much glamour in reading these chapters. All the chapters centre round hi s concept of pleasure and pain. In reading t hese chapters, you experience

pain. But , surely the pleasure will be proportionately more in the Exam, when you come out with great success


1. The Principle of Utility.

2. The Ascetic Principle.

3. The Principle of Sympathy & Antipathy.

4. Operation on Legislation.

5. Objection to Utility.

6. Kinds of pleasures & pains.

7. Sanctions.

8. Measures of Pains & Pleasures.

9. Sensibility.

10. Political Good & Evil.

11. Reasoning behind offences.

12. Moral & Legislation.

13. False Reasoning.

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