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M. C. Mehta v State of Orissa AIR 1992 Ori 225

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Environmental Law

M. C. Mehta v State of Orissa AIR 1992 Ori 225

M.C Mehta filed another writ petition before the Orissa High Court to protect the health of thousands of people living in Cuttack and adjacent areas who were suffering from pollution from the sewage being released into the Taladanda canal by the Municipal Committee of Cuttack and the SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack.

The petitioner contended that dumping untreated waste water into the canal was creating health problems. The government, however, contended that a central sewerage system had been installed at the hospital and that there was no sewage flow into the canal. It also asserted that it had not received any information about any pollution or diseases being caused by contamination of the canal. Also, the Health Department of the state government tried to pass on the buck to the civic body, saying that the responsibility of supplying drinking water rested with the municipality. The Municipality itself refuted allegations of carelessness and callousness.

The court reprimanded the authorities and directed the government to act immediately. The court also recommended that a committee should be formed to suggest steps to prevent and control water pollution and to maintain wholesomeness of water meant for human consumption. The court also held that a municipal council had the responsibility of preserving public health and could not plead financial constraints for its failure to provide a proper draining system .


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