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Updated: May 26, 2022


1. Mere preparation is punishable under IPC for the offence of :

(a) Dacoity

(b) Culpable homicide

(c) Theft

(d) None of above.

2. Mens rea is an essential ingredient in every crime except :

(a) Public nuisance

(b) Contempt of court

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of above.

3. A physical act of human being can be referred as :

(a) Mens rea

(b) Actus reus

(c) Attempt

(d) None of above.

4. section .34 of IPC deals with :

(a) Common Intention

(b) Common object

(c) Joint liability

(d) None of above.

5.The word injury denotes harm to any person’s :

(a) Body

(b) Mind

(c) Reputation

(d) All the above

6.Death sentence is the most serious kind of punishment, awarded in the offence of :

(a) Waging war against the government

(b) Trade in stolen property

(c) Mischief

(d) Causing grievous hurt.

7. Act of a person of Unsound mind is a general exception under

(a) Section 82

(b) Section 83

(c) Section 84

(d) Section 85.


8. Doli Incapax means :

(a) Incapacity of unsound mind

(b) Incapacity of child

(c) Incapacity of person in intoxication

(d) None of above.

9. Act against which there is no right of private defence available is :

(a) When there is time to take state help

(b) Act of trivial nature

(c) Act done as legal duty

(d) All the above.

10.Robbery includes :

(a) Theft

(b) Extortion

(c) Either theft or extortion

(d) None of above.

11. A commits house trespass by entering in Z's house through windows. He is said to have committed offence of :

(a) Trespass

(b) Lurking House trespass

(c) House-breaking

(d) Criminal trespass.

12.When two or more persons agreed to do or to be done an illegal act, such agreement is an offence of :

(a) Unlawful agreement

(b) Criminal conspiracy

(c) Illegal agreement

(d) None of above.

13.When two or more persons by fighting in public place, disturb the public peace they are said to commit :

(a) Rioting

(b) Affray

(c) Public Nuisance

(d) None of above.

14.Abetment of a thing means :

(a) Instigate any Person to do thing

(b) Engage in conspiracy to do that thing

(c) Intentionally aid by any act

(d) All the above.

15.Rash driving is defined under section –––––––– of IPC :

(a) 279

(b) 280

(c) 379

(d) 380.



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