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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Short - Questions

1. Alteration of Conditions of Service

2. Voluntary Arbitration.

3. Discuss History of Trade Union.

4. Board of conciliation

5. Amalgamation of trade union

6. Closure

7. Collective bargaining

8. Dissolution of trade union

9. Industry

10. Jurisdiction of Industrial Court

11. Laour Court

12. Lay-Off

13. Lock-Out

14. Principles of Natural Justice

15. Registration of Trade Union

16. Retrenchment

17. Unfair labour practices on the part of the workmen

18. Work committee.

19. Write Constitutional provisions for Labour Welfare.

20. Define Trade Union. Discuss the Right and Liabilities of Trade Union

21. Describe the Procedure for recovery of money due from employer.

Long Questions

  1. Define ‘Industry’. Can hospitals be treated as Industry ? Discuss with the help of case laws.

  2. Define and explain, what is ‘misconduct’. Describe the procedure of a disciplinary proceeding.

  3. Define Retrenchment. Explain the procedure of Retrenchment of workmen under Chapter VB of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

  4. Discuss rights and immunities of office bearers of a Registered trade union.

  5. Discuss the concept and nature of standing orders. Explain the process of certification of standing orders.

  6. Discuss the constitutional perspectives of Labour Welfare.

  7. Discuss the role of the conciliation officer in the resolution of Industrial Disputes.

  8. Elaborate ‘strike’. What are the general prohibitions with respect to strike ?

  9. Elaborate the powers and functions of Labour Court and Industrial Tribunals.

  10. Examine the term ‘Industry’ in the light of judicial pronouncements.

  11. Explain the concept of collective bargaining

  12. Explain the procedure for certification of standing orders.

  13. Explain the term 'Domestic Enquiry'. What are the steps involved in conducting domestic enquiry ?

  14. Explain, how disciplinary proceeding is conducted in an Industry.

  15. What are the authorities established under I.D. Act for settlement and adjudication of Industrial disputes ?

  16. What are the safeguards regarding alteration of conditions of service during pendency of litigation ?Discuss in detail.

  17. What is meant by Closure ? Explain the procedure for valid closure under Chapter VB of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

  18. Write a detailed note on concept and nature of Standing Orders.

  19. Write a note on role of Voluntary Arbitration in resolution of industrial disputes with the help of judicial decisions.

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