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International Human Right Commission

International Human Right Commission


International Human rights commission works under the UNO. In fact, it is a part of ECOSOC, one of the principal organs of UNO. IHRC is the principal system through which the UNO achieves its main objective i.e. the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedom. Under article 55 , 56 , 62 and 68 the ECOSOC . can establish commission and committees for the said objective of UNO . There are many functions of ECOSOC particularly for the human rights the ECOSOC has established the IHRC .

The main functions of the IHRC are
  1. To develop consciousness of human rights among the states and individuals .

  2. The codification of human rights laws.

  3. The individual complaint system.

Under this ICS one individual can give a complaint to the IHRC if his or her human rights have been violated by the state, but for this, his or her state should be a member of optional protocol( i) of ICCPR.

Monitoring of Human rights ( H.R) :

Treaty bodies and working groups of the commission on human rights have procedures and mechanisms to monitor compliance with conventions and investigate allegations of human rights abuses. A number of treaty bodies have some expert committees. They are not a subsidiary organ of the UN but are autonomous. The committees are termed as UN treaty organ.

Compilation of information on violation of H.R.

The original mandate of the commission on H.R. to examine situation where massive violation of rights appear to be taking place has been complimented by a new function i.e. compiling information on the incidence or the certain kinds of violations or violation in a specific country . This task is performed by special representative or working group .

Examination of Human rights situation :

The commission on H.R. may ask the secretary-general to intervene or send an expert to examine H.R. situation in any state with a view to prevent flagrant violation of H.R.

Co - ordination of H.R. activities :

The post of high commission for H.R. is created in 1993 strengthening the co - ordination and impact with the intention of UN human rights activities and charge with promoting and protecting the effective enjoyment by all of H. Rights and maintains a permanent dialogue with member state .


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