Q.9 Give some hints for slow and fast readings ? Or Write short note on - "Slow and Fast readings".

Reading is a compulsory process in the legal field. Every day a lawyer has toread something or other connected with his case: apart trom that while arguing a matter bafore the Honourabie courts a lawyer has to read out certain facts or law points or case laws to the court and try to convince the court regarding his case. Tharefore reading demands a variety of exercises to be done before it is called a proper reading. A part from it, a lawyer has also to readand keep himself abreast with tne latest amendments in any of the Central or State Statutes or the new and latest rulings of High Courts and Supreme Courns on any point of law.

Therofore roading tor a lawyer is an inevitable exercise, but as a student if you start not reading when you complete yout law course, you all would be fluent in reading .

Reading is compuisory whether you argue your matter in Marathi or English because the hints -I will give below are equally important for both kind of lawyers, ie. whether they argue in Marathi or in English as clear and clarity of reading has an impact definitely an the court which clamly listens to your arguments. The hints for clear reading are cammon of both slow or fast readings only in slow reading the speed is less while in fast reading it is otherwise. However we enumerate the following tips or points for reading generally.

1) While reading the eye-lids sees the letters and after its completion passes on to the other words, so many people who does not have reading habit, they stammer because eye-lids move slow. So in order that reading should be fast the eye lids should also move fast and this can happen only when you have reading practice.

2) Secondly to have clarity your tongue should be clean and for which habits like smoking thinking, pawn chewing must be stopped.

3) Thirdly, voice should be clear loud and audible (not-shouting) koeping in view the referenceof reading into context."

4) Fourthly, when you are reading the punctuations plays an important role, so wherever there is comma, or fullstop There should be pause and stop or a second and then road further. So that continulty and relevance of a sentence or statement are understood

5) Fithly, there should not be repetition in reading but it requiredemphatic expression must be used in places where you want to convince any point which youfeel that it is etfective to prove you point, otherwise never repeat any word or sentenoe

6) Lastly voice variation shouid be used and not to read in the same monotaneous tone or voice, becausevariation of pitch of your voice and volume has a direct impact on the person to whom you arereading These are some of the practical hints one has to tollow in order to be a good reader.The main suggestion which I would make a that : you should read daily the columns of Editorials of both Marathi and English papers which have some standard and also good magazines in boththe languages so that you will become a perfect reader in both the languages None the less you should also read legal magazines and books Listen to News because listening also helps directly when you are reading .

Finaly would conclude that reading is to be made a habit and once it becames a habit like taking tea or coffee that I am sure you can be a good reader and which is most essential assets in legal profession .

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