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Constitutional Provision For Labour Law

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Constitutional Provision For Labour Law

India the right to form and join a trade union and engage in collective bargaining is provided for under union and state legislation and the right of worker to form or join a trade union in India.

CONSTITUTION OF INDIA 1950 ART 19(1) C of the constitution of India 1950 (right from association or unions?) Fundamental right ART 19 rights to freedom of speech and expresses also guarantees country’s citizen theright to provide

Right to join association Right of the member of union Meet member to move from place to place Right to discuss their problems and propagates their views The right of member hold property

Trade union ACT 1926 Any combination whether temporary and permanent formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relation betweenWorkmen and employer or Between workman and workman or Between employer and employer Any trade business and include and federation or two or more trade unionIndustrial dispute ACT 1947 Investigation and settlement of industrial dispute Its provide for collective bargaining by negotiation and mediation IDA ACT 1947 Two type of settlement are recognized Before the authority –settlement bind members of the signature union Outside the course of conciliation proceeding but signed independently by theparty to the settlement The industrial employment (standing order) ACT 1946 (IESOA) These ACT based on condition of services for an industrial establishment employing at least 100 workmen A registration trade union (or worker if no register union exists Standing orders before it is certified officer and certified by a certifying officer


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