Code of civil procedure 1908 Important questions 2006 to 2019 (SHORT QUESTIONS )

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

  1. Who is a legal representative?

  2. What is Review?

  3. What is Joinder and non-Joinder of Parties?

  4. What are the Objects of Limitation Act?

  5. Territorial Jurisdiction

  6. Suits by or against Government.

  7. Set off and counter claim.

  8. Revision and Review

  9. Res-Judicata

  10. Mesne profit

  11. Interpleader Suit

  12. General principles of Limitation.

  13. Explain the concept of sufficient cause

  14. Essentials of valid acknowledgment

  15. Continuous running of time.

  16. Condonation of delay and grounds thereof

  17. Caveat.

  18. Adjournments.

  19. What is place of suing?

  20. Sufficient cause for condonation of delay.

  21. Who is legal representative?

  22. Interpleader Suit

  23. Transfer and withdraw of cases

  24. Modes of execution

  25. What is foreign judgment?

  26. Mesne Profit

  27. Rejection of plaint

  28. What is compensatory cost?

  29. Frame of suit

  30. Hierarchy of courts

  31. Amendment of pleading

  32. Explain Discharge and Acquittal

  33. What is Charge Sheet?

  34. Who is a Probation Officer?

  35. What is Private Complaint?

  36. Bailable and Non-Bailable offence

  37. Public prosecutor

  38. Summary Trial

  39. Child Welfare Committee

  40. What is an Interpleader suit?

  41. Explain the principle of Res Judicata.

  42. What is Garnishee order?

  43. Explain the concept of continuous running of time.

  44. Set-off and Counter claim

  45. Suit by or against Government

  46. Appointment of Receiver

  47. General Principles of Limitation

  48. State effect of fraud and mistake on limitation.

  49. ‘Exclusion of time in legal proceedings.’ Explain.

  50. Explain condonation of delay.

  51. What is meaning and purpose of limitation?

  52. Temporary injunction

  53. Indigent person

  54. Review

  55. Issues.

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