chapter 5 - Ten commandments of Advocates

The various duties of an Advocate like duties to the client, duties to the court, duties to the colleagues and duties to the public shall be put into the following ten rules popularly known as the ten Commandments of Advocates.

1. Protection of the interest of the client: An Advocate must be loyal to the interests of the client and fight for his cause without the fear of any unpleasant consequence to him or any other person (see duty to the client).

2. Proper Estimation of the value of the Legal Advise: An Advocate shall not over estimate or under estimate the value of his advice. He must always give proper legal advice to the client. 3. Honest and Respect: He must be always honest and respectful to the court.

4. Preparation of the case: He must prepare the case thoroughly before presenting it to the court.

5. Service: Lawyers shall be willing to protect the rights of the oppressed and the poor.

6. Loyalty to Law and Justice: He must always give advise to enhance loyalty to law and justice.

7. Fellowship: He must be always friendly with the fellowmembers of the Bar and more friendly with the young lawyers and encourage them.

8. Fairness: He must be fair in his dealings with the client, with the court and with the public 9. Systematic Study: He must develop the habit of systematic study of the law and acquainted with the latest developments in Law.

10. Prudence and Diligence: He must always vigilant and active. He must avoid the easy come and easy-go method.

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