Banumurthy v.Bar Council of Andhar PraadheshDC Appeal No.3/1994

The appellant was a member of the Andhar Pradesh Judicial service. When he was working as Metropolitan Magistrate at Hydrabad there were certain allegations of corruption against him. A departmental enquiry was conducted and e was served with an order of compulsory retirement and retired on 30-7-1991.

After compulsory retirement he applied for resumption of practice. The State Bar Council referred the matter to the Bar Council of India because he had been found guilty by the departmental enquiry. The Bar Council of India returned the matter to the Disciplinary Committee of the State Bar Council found him guilty of professional misconduct and suspended him from practice for a period of 2 years. Against this order the present appeal has been filed.

When the appeal was pending, he was allowed to resume his practice from 6-4-1994 by some court order. Bar Council of India continued the enquiry and finally held that since 2 years has already lapsed since his punishment for corruption charges, he shall resume his practice.

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