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Jagadish singh&other v.T.C.Sharma BCI TR Case No.47/1990

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Jagadish singh asnd others were employees of the Central Board of Education,New Delhi.They were arbitrarily dismissed from service by the Board. They approached T.C. Sharma an Advocate to file a case
against the arbitrary dismissal. They paid Rs.1400 as fees for the case. Sharma gave a fake case number starting that he has field the case before the central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi. On verification it was found that no such case has been field. Later they engaged another Advocate Mr. Bhati to file the case and got a a favourable order of reinstatement. Therefore, they asked the return of Rs.1400 from T.C. Sharma. He refused to pay the same. So, the complainant filed a petition against him before the Delhi Bar Council alleging professional misconduct. Since Sharma failed to appear during the enquiry, the state Bar Council could not able to dispose off the case within one year. Hence, the case was transferred to the Bar Council of India. The Bar Council of India examined the petitioners, but the respondent was absent. Finally the Bar council of India passed an order holding the respondent guilty of professional misconduct and awarded

the following punishments.
1. Suspended him from practice for a period of 5 years.
2. Directed him to return the Rs.1400/-with 12%interest per annum.
3. Directed to give Rs.500 as cost to the complainant.

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